ZAROH Architects

Kaviareň v parku

Building is located in the city center of Piestany, at the intersection of the city park and communication. The location is very important for social live. The building originally served as public toilets. After reconstruction it should be used as a cafe. The entrance is very simple with a facade bench that could be used instead of a bus stop in front of building. A terrace with a glass railing should be created on the roof so that it does not disturb the views to the park. From the the parkside there will be large windows, for the best connection between cafe and park. The façade will be simple with reference to the original façade and purpose - white ceramic tiling in combination with wooden elements.

    • Ing. arch. Eva Rohoňová
    • Ing. arch. Marcel Zachar
  • LOCALITY: Piešťany
  • LEVEL: 
    • Architektonická štúdia
    • Projekt pre stavebné povolenie
  • YEAR: 2017